The Writing on the Wall

Between work and the holidays

Between work and the holidays I’ve been on the road – airports, planes and time to catch up on reading.


Thanks to my friend Hardy Green I read the following essay from the January 2015 issue of Harper’s Magazine, “Under Western Eyes” by John Gray.


“… With the worst public infrastructure in the advanced world, a disappearing middle class, a higher proportion of the population incarcerated than in any other country, and a government gridlocked by corporate power, America and it’s political system are seen as a model by no one outside the United States.”


Reading the piece means buying the magazine, Harper’s is a pay site. Along with the essay there are at least two other good reads: “Come with us if you want to live: Among the apocalyptic libertarians of Silicon Valley” by Sam Frank and “Love Crimes: What liberation looks like for Afghan women” by Jen Percy.


Also highly recommended:


Music in the everyday world by Martin Colyer”