The Writing on the Wall


20 August 2014

Relentless Deadlines

Perhaps this was a particularly busy batch. Or perhaps it is our son is coming in today and his life is one of the most hectic I know of. But whatever it is, I've been thinking of the Relentless Deadline that has been a feature of my entire working life.

I rarely miss work related deadlines. In fact I can think of only one in 40 years and it still haunts me. But for the last two years I've missed every deadline to update or revamp  Deadlines for "Take A Picture, Tell a Story" and the "Stansbury Forum" (which I take care of) have been no problem. Rather than continue to beat a dead horse I have decided to move on and launch a new site, this site, and consign the old to whatever world old websites inhabit. Hopefully I will respect the new set of deadlines, but….