The Writing on the Wall

Back from London

Martin's mockup

Martin's mockup

Back from London and my pop-up show: “The Bridge and Black Walls”. 

The show was more than I could have ever dreamed off – thanks to a number of great friends who need to be named:

First and foremost

Martin and Michele Colyer and all the people they somehow brought along with them on this endeavor.  The strength of the show came from their collaboration and their help.  It was just a damn fine experience and without them it never would have happened.  They did all this: designing, arranging, PR, hanging while also working jobs.  I am in awe.

And there are more:

Christine Toomey for spending time and effort she could ill afford

Nick Freand Jones for a video

Tony Guest for the framing

Hedda, Jordon, Hollie for social media consultations

Ben Leask at Ben’s House (Link)

Gabe and Jordi for bar tending and crowd control

Jules for appearing out of nowhere and helping with the installation

The staff of the Menier Gallery (Link)

Moo, Solopress, and Western, all printers.

Sam and Michele for being the biggest surprise of a great opening

Sandy for keeping me inline and focused - and catching me when I fall